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16 January 2012 @ 09:42 pm

I stole this from hamarakissa.

If you wanna do it, you can go here ;)
Current Mood: blahblah
hamarakissahamarakissa on January 16th, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
yay! You did it :)

I totally love seeing these from everyone :D
unusual_lullaby: Greek - Ashleighunusual_lullaby on January 16th, 2012 10:22 pm (UTC)
It is fun! I mean think about it; I'm the child of the Adam&Eve and I'M THE FREKIN' DOCTOR! LOL I'm sure there are so many people out there who wants to sAy these ;)) I'm not the DW fan but it's fun anyway ;);)
hamarakissa: Megan Foxhamarakissa on January 17th, 2012 12:33 am (UTC)
I'm not a DW fan either - but then again, I've never watched it fully either. I tried Series 1 and just couldn't get into it :\

I'm way happy with my card though - especially with DemiGod for Percy Jackson :p
Ebrupaceyringwald on January 22nd, 2012 12:45 am (UTC)
I should do this!!! :D

By the way, The Doctor? I'm jealous. *__*

Edited at 2012-01-22 12:46 am (UTC)
unusual_lullaby: SPN - Brothersunusual_lullaby on January 23rd, 2012 12:54 pm (UTC)
*evil grin*
Cansu: mov [hp] - on your porchcancoydu on January 23rd, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC)
LOLOL had the perfect result of my own. Always an Huffle. :D
unusual_lullaby: Parker :Dunusual_lullaby on January 24th, 2012 12:46 pm (UTC)
YAY for you!!!